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Your sponsor Virgilio Clemente Jr.

Free live event in New York, first week of November (your tickets inside)

Hello my name is Virgilio Clemente Jr. on the left side of the Picture.  With my business partner Matt Lloyd pictured on the right below:

 Join 45 Minute Pay Days Today

I’ve got some good news for you.  The week after next week, November 2 to 5, my team is going to be putting on a series of free, live events in New York.

Our friend & business partner MeiDee Lim will be at the events ..


They go for 2 hours each, and when you attend we’ll show you everything you need to get started with online affiliate marketing.
Even if you’ve never done this before, you’ll get everything you need to go home straight after the 2 hour event, and start getting results.
We’ll show you how to find good products to promote (you don’t have to create them yourself), and how to use other peoples websites to make co missions.
Our focus is going to be on ‘high ticket’ offers – ones that pay you much more than standard offers.
This is perfect for you if you’re new to online marketing but you’ve been wanting to get involved, and just need someone experienced to teach you.
Or, if you’ve been in the business for some time but still haven’t tasted real success yet, this will help.  Often, the reason people don’t get the results they want is because they’re
not doing the basics right.  This will help get you back on track.
It would be great if you can make it, and I know our team would love to meet you in person and see how we can help.
The dates are Nov 2nd to 5th
Here’s the link to register (it’s free to go):
Spots fill up quickly, so if you think you might go, at least register so your seat is saved.
Make sure when you arrive you Mention Me as Your Sponsor Virgilio Clemente Jr 


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